OggVorbis QuickTime component for Nekoze

このコンポーネントはもう必要ありません。最新版 (0.1.5以降) のXiphQTはNekozeで問題なく動作します。

The component is now obsolete. The latest version (0.1.5 or later) of XiphQT works fine with Nekoze.

Arek氏によるOggVorbis QuickTime componentをNekozeで動作するように修正しました。


The ploblem has reported that Nekoze doesn't work with the Arek's OggVorbis QuickTime component. This is the quick fix for it.

No ogg/vorbis frameworks are included. Follow the instructions in his page to make it work.

The modified portion of the source: OggImport.c.gz.


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