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2007/12/8 Nekoze unstable released

What's Nekoze?

Nekoze is a program that can run some Windows adventure games on Mac OS, released by D.O., ZyX, CD BROS, Purple, etc. (details)

[Supported titles for the latest version]


Nekoze 1.1 (2006/7/1)
For Mac OS 9 For Mac OS X
  • Imploved compatibility with the supported titles.
  • English sentences are now word-wrapped.
  • 16 more titles were supported.
Nekoze 1.0 (2005/2/26)
For Mac OS 9 For Mac OS X
Nekoze 1.1.1b
unstable (2007/12/8)
unstable (2006/11/11)
.SUF files for trial versions (2004.11 updated)
Copy an appropriate file into the game directory of the trial version.
OggVorbis for QuickTime 7 & Nekoze (2005.10 updated)
OggVorbis component that works with QuickTime 7. Replaced by XiphQT.

Former changes history

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